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Your non-emergency number is the number you should use to report all non-emergency situations. Using your non-emergency number allows your 9-1-1 center to better prioritize calls and gets help to those in life or property threatening situations as fast as possible. Your non-emergency call may take a little longer for dispatch to answer - please, don't hang up! Your call is important to us and the agencies we serve!

Click here for information about our Non-Emergency Phone Tree.

The non-emergency number for Washington county is 503-629-0111. Here is a complete listing of non-emergency numbers for the Portland Metropolitan area.

Portland/Multnomah County  503-823-3333
Clackamas County503-655-8211
Lake Oswego503-635-0238
Columbia County503-397-1521
Yamhill County503-434-6500
Marion County503-982-2340 (Woodburn)  503-588-5032 (Salem)