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Radio User Fees

800 Radio Fees for Washington County Users:
Application Fee $69.00
Template Design Current Shop Rate
System Access Fee for WCCCA Members & Associates $374.21 per year
System Access Fee for Non Members $582.41 per year
Maintenance $65.00
Shop Rate
$70.00 per hour
Maintenance Shipping Fee $30.00

Application Fee: $69.00

This is one time fee per user to cover paperwork costs, such as contract signing and filing.

Template Design: We charge our current hourly rate for template design.

The Template Design is the software engineering that develops the actual computer program that programs the radio. Each type of radio & model, i.e. portable, mobile, base station, requires a unique template design. In addition, each type of radio that may have unique functions requires a separate template design, e.g., two portable radios of the same type, where one requires scanning and the other does not, would require two unique templates.

System Access Fee:
$374.21 per radio, per year for WCCCA Members & Associates.
$582.41 per radio, per year for Non Members.

This fee allows user access to WCCCA's 800 MHz radio system. This fee does not include radio repair, radio installation, or radio programming.

Maintenance: $70.00 per hour.

New radios can be purchased with extended warranty from Motorola. Typically, a three-year extended warranty is $29.00 for portable radios, and $70.00 for mobile radios. This warranty requires that the radio be shipped back to Motorola Depot for repair. WCCCA can first screen the radio, to determine that the radio actually requires depot repair. If the radio needs to be sent in, there will be a $30.00 shipping & handling charge per radio.

All radio repair work performed by WCCCA Radio Technicians, that is not covered under warranty, but still supported by Motorola, is charged out on a time & material basis (5% markup on materials); the current labor rate is $70.00 per hour. Radios that needto be sent to Motorola or Sunny Communications for repair will be charged the prevailing rate set by those vendors plus any labor performed by WCCCA technicians. WCCCA may be able to repair on location, time permitting, but an additional travel charge is added depending on mileage.